These donations are for informational purposes only. Each companions have different donations. Please view their page for more details.

NATIONAL (Within Canada)

12h 2000 CAD
24h 3000 CAD
48h 5000 CAD
+Add days 1000 CAD
1 week 7000 CAD

International ( Europe, Asia, Australia, Islands)

24h - 4000 CAD
48h - 6000 CAD
+Add days 1500 CAD
1 week - 10 000 CAD
2 weeks - 15 000 CAD

Companions available for FLY ME TO YOU

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Advanced Booking

We recommend to reserve a fly me to you at least a month in advance to insure the availability of the companion of your choice at the desired dates. Some companions will accept a minimum of 10 to 7 days notice for international travel.  



Please make sure to introduce yourself with details about you and what you are looking for in a long rendezvous. Let her know what you are planning to do during this getaway. Be as specific and honest as possible to insure the best match possible. Each companions have their own travel wish list and travel details, please check each companion’s page for details. If you are unsure about which companion would be best suited for your trip, please fill up our fly me to you form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you shortly with some suggestions!



Screening is mandatory (Full name and active board handle and work info OR references and picture of your ID next to yourself)



For a get away trip or fly me to you, 40% deposit is required + round trip plane ticket to officially reserve the dates . Most companions accept money transfer and bitcoins. Details will be provided after screening. Clients: Flight tickets are non refundable and deposits can be reschedule with a minimum of 1 month notice. Non refundable if less than 1 month notice.  CompanionsIf for some extreme unforeseen circumstances , the companion would need to cancel the trip, deposit can be credited for other trips or touring dates.



The balance of the donation (60%) is due before or upon arrival (within the first 30 min).  Kindly have the donation inside an unseal envelope and leave it in plain view at the beginning of your date. When in public, greet them with a gift bag containing the donation in an envelope. 


Longer appointments/social time

All fly me to you required so social time as a dinner, go to a show, concert, etc. Most of the companions will also required 6-7 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep. Please view their fly me to you details.




Need help choosing a companion? Fill up our fly me to you form and we will get back to you shortly with your best matches!

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